Feeling Grateful?

I’m So Grateful

Many of us loosely use the phrase ‘I’m so grateful’. But do we really know the actual meaning of the word and what it does when we really feel gratitude? Have you ever opened your heart and felt the emotion of gratitude?

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.

Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. It is the emotional signature that something has already happened.



Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude has rewarding connections in the brain. When we express and receive gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin. These two crucial neurotransmitters are responsible for our feelings. They make us feel good, enhancing our mood immediately from the inside. Through the power of gratitude, you can rewire your brain to be optimistic. The more you look for positive things, the more you find to be grateful for.
When you sit and focus on gratitude it brings you into the present moment. Being present is shown to have many benefits too such as improved creativity, stress release, less overthinking, and more.

How can I Practice Gratitude?

Write gratitude listsgratitude list

At the end of every day, get out a notebook and begin writing what you are grateful for. You can write food, clean water, etc. But why not zoom in a little more? I have been writing a gratitude list for almost a year now. I began writing things like finances, food, water, etc., but then it changed to writing things like: ‘hearing my son laughing in his room’ and ‘the lady at the checkout who was really chatty and happy’. Gratitude lists are great for reflexivity. Looking back through my gratitude list, I know what happened on any particular day by what I have written. That has allowed me to realise that even on the darkest of days, there were really good things happening in life. I also found that I naturally began noticing the positives rather than paying attention to the negatives, which many of us appear to navigate towards.

Show Gratitude to Others

As well as feeling gratitude, we can express it too. Many of us are really quick to complain or notice what people are not doing for us. But how often do we let people know that we appreciate them or something they have done for us? For example, if someone in a store went that extra mile for us, do you pay attention to it?  Maybe we are thankful and say thank you but how about next time, email the manager and let them know how grateful you are. Think about how you feel when a text or call comes from someone who just says how they appreciate something that you did for them. It’s a good feeling, right? So why not give that feeling to someone else? You too will feel good about doing it.

My Gratitude

I will end this article by saying what I am grateful for right now.

  • my children
  • friends
  • to you for reading this article
  • the concentration to write this article
  • the sea
  • getting through a list of chores
  • my daughter for revising for her exams
  • managing some difficult issues.
  • my clients