Anxiety Affirmations

Everyone experiences anxiety but for some people, anxiety can be debilitating. Anxious thoughts can become so overwhelming that it can be difficult to carry out regular daily life tasks such as work, cleaning, etc. For some people, anxiety can be so debilitating that even the smallest of daily tasks such as brushing their teeth or taking a shower can seem too much. Trying to prevent or gain some control over anxious thoughts and feelings can be possible using anxiety affirmations.

What are the Benefits of Anxiety Affirmations?

Affirmations are a type of positive self-talk that can help you create and reinforce new behaviour patterns and attitudes. They do this by altering your subconscious mind. You are much more likely to believe something when you hear it often. When you repeat an encouraging phrase, it gives it power. Using positive affirmations for anxiety can help you take back control so that you can begin to think rationally.

Examples of Affirmations for Anxiety

  • I am not afraid today
  • I welcome miracles into my life
  • I am free from anxiety and living a calm life
  • I am safe and in control
  • My body is calm
  • I am excited about my life
  • I have a life to live, and anxiety won’t take that away from me
  • I have the power to make changes
  • I acknowledge anxiety, but I don’t have to listen to it
  • My anxiety symptoms don’t decide what I can and cannot do anymore
  • I welcome change with open arms
  • I am okay with uncertainty
  • I release my fears
  • I have survived 100% of my tough days

Anxiety affirmations have a better effect if they are used daily, preferably in the morning. Of course, the more often they are said, the better. I know it is difficult when you are struggling but saying them as you mean them is very powerful.

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