How to Manage the School Closure

I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of stress around right now with the Coronavirus. As well as having the worry of ourselves and our loved ones contracting the virus we are also having to manage the impact that the many changes are having on our lives.

There is much anxiety around the uncertainty about what will happen next.

As adults, this is a lot of stress for us to deal with. I cannot imagine how this must be affecting the children. The world must seem a scary place right now. The schools have closed very abruptly which hasn’t children enough time to process what is happening. All their activities have stopped. The amount of connection to other children and adults has dropped dramatically. My 10-year-old daughter is devastated. On the last day of her primary school day (year 6) she said ‘this could be my last day in my school’. Heartbreaking. No chance to thank teachers and give presents, no leaver’s ceremony.

Despite all the negativity and uncertainty, there are ways we can help our children get through this.

Stay Calm

Easy to say, I know. But right now the world is very different to us all and there is a high chance that our children are looking to us for reassurance. Try to limit the amount of panic about the Coronavirus and its impact on the children.


Routine is so important to children. They are used to having a routine all day in school so why not make school days? You can use a daily or weekly planner so the children can see how their week will be. You can have PE lessons too, exercise for everyone! If you need ideas for PE lessons there are lots of videos on YouTube. Joe Wicks is going to be doing YouTube videos for children’s PE lessons while the children are off school.


There are lots of resources to use online. Here are just a few that I have found:

Oxford Owl offers a free e-book library for ages 3-11. You simply sign up and away to go.

Twinkl is a website that offers some free resources. To have access to more resources costs £4.04 per month. I have used Twinkl in the past and have found it very good and I will be signing up again.


There is how to draw videos on YouTube. These are great for the children to watch and copy. My 10 year old loves them.

Edinburgh Zoo has a live stream of some of its animals.

Smithsonian Zoo also has a live cam to their animals. I just love the panda!

Family Time

Lots of us are having to stay at home so why not take this opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones. Get the board games out! No early morning school run now so a chance to watch films together in the evenings snuggled on the sofa.

Go Outdoors

We know we may not be able to live life as usual and go out but we have our gardens! Let’s get out there with our children and do the jobs we have been putting off for years! Let them help paint the fence or help with the power washing.


This is so important right now! Technology is amazing at a time like this. Let’s make sure our children stay in contact with their family and friends. Skype is great for this.

I hope you have found this post useful. If you know of any other helpful things to do with our children while our schools are closed please either send them to me or comment below.